Bike transport from Islip to London


Bike transport from Islip, Oxfordshire to Westminster Abbey.

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If you are based in or near Oxford, we can arrange to transport your bike to London in time for the start at Westminster Abbey.

The bike transport fee is a flat £20 per bike. This covers transport for one bike. Personal travel is not included in this fee. If you need personal travel as well, please click here.

Please make sure to add this product to your order well in advance of the event. There will be a cut-off date when this option is no longer available.

(NOTE: For London based riders, we do not arrange personal travel back to London at the end of the event. However, you do have the choice of three railway stations. Islip and Oxford Parkway offer a direct service to Marylebone, and from central Oxford there are direct services to both Paddington and Marylebone.)

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